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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions, Answers, Rules & Regulations
(This FAQS page also serves as part of our Terms & Conditions)

Question: How Do Customers Pay For Your Services?

Answer: Our customers pay using their Bank Card vire a company called Stripe It is a well known American company that uses the latest security technology.

Question: Do you store Customers Bank details on your server?

Answer: No Stripe deals with Customers Bank details for both customer and our security.

Question: Can I promote any kind of programs on our Advertising Pages?

Answer: NO... there are a number of programs that our chosen pay Processors do not agree with, We; will not allow programs that promote War, Hatred, Pornography, Betting, Revenue Share and things like these. This keeps our program running smooth as they should.

Admin Can and will delete a Program or Programs, Products or Services from a Programs Page (Advertising Page) that they think is unacceptable or that any one of our Members or Pay Processors deem unacceptable.

Question: If my Subscription Fee fails what will happen to my account?

Answer: Never ignore the Emails you will receive from your Pay Processor letting you know your Subscription has failed as it can have a critical impact on your account as described below.

It is your responsibility to keep your eye on the expiry date on the card you have registered with your pay processor as some subscriptions can fail this way.

If it fails three times the subscription handlers system sets your account to FREE for none payment. Then because of continued none payment it is unfair that others pay for their upgraded service. The result, all the work you have put in to setting up your account, adding your Programs, creating your cloaked links, setting up your 10 Banner splash Page as well as any Rotators you have.

You will also lose any Commissions generated.

If you joined us 14 years ago our subscription fee was just $5.75 you keep that BUT if you fail to pay 3 times you lose that and will have to pay the New $11.75 per Month Subscription.

As our Members say Buildabizonline is worth more, but $1.75 is the Price we can operate at with $10 commissions passed on to our members.

If you are having genuine problems contact Admin ASAP we are here to help.

Question: Do you have a copy of your Terms & Conditions?

Answer: You can view them any time HERE along with all our other Legal pages this FAQS page also servers as part of our Terms & Conditions

Question: Is my personal information protected with your company?

Answer: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone by Admin.

ALSO NOTE: If any member of Buildabizonline sells or passes on the Information of their down line in the way of Usernames , Names or Emails to any other Buildabizonline member or any company or third party they will have their account deleted and Their Details passed onto the proper authority for them to deal with to the fullest extent of the Law.

You must realize though. By you joining Buildabizonline and verifying your Email that Admin will send you mail when it deems necessary or finds something that may be of interest to you. Also, Buildabizonline is a List Building program, meaning although your up line cannot see your details i.e. Email. your up line can mail you from time to time. Warning: If Admin receives complaints about any member both Pro or Free abusing that privilege their Account can be terminated without notice.

Question: How much is it to Upgrade at Buildabizonline?

Answer: Our monthly fee is just $11.75 per month.

PLEASE, BE AWARE: That some banks will charge you if you pay your fee through any pay processor using your card. Buildabizonline is NOT responsible for those fees, it's not us that takes it.  

Also Note: if you decide to End or your subscription fails Your Account, Auto responders will be deleted and any commissions will be lost.

Question: Can I add videos to my programs Page?   

Answer: You need to be an Upgraded member before you can add videos. Please upgrade first to avoid disappointment.

Question: What is the best way to promote Buildabizonline?  

Answer: The way to promote Buildabizonline is to make sure YOUR programs page is as tidy and professional looking as possible, The layout we insist on and found to works best, will consist of a clickable title, a 468x60 banner and short description (No more than 200 caricatures). NO Exit or other scripts and codes may be added.

It has been my experience when advertising Buildabizonline, if you are going to rotate URL's is to upgrade and use our URL Rotator to track your efforts then, have both your Index (Home Page) and Programs page and maybe your favourite Buildabizonline Splash Pages loaded into it.

If the answer to your question is not present please contact us using the button on the right-hand side of this page and type your question there, and we will get back to you ASAP.

Thank You
Ian Stewart
(Admin & Owner)