First POINT=EveryThing On The NET Is The SAME But Different!!! Find SOMETHING You Like , Stick With IT And You MAY Make Some MONEY!!! Second POINT=NOthing On The NET Is "FREE" , YOU Will Either PAY To Get Into IT , OR YOU Will PAY Along The Way To Be A Part Of It ,,NO THING IS FREE!!! IF Every THING Was "FREE" How Would YOU/WE Make ANY Money??? Third and LAST Point= I Think This ONE Applies To Every Thing In LIFE??? SCHEME=conspiracy , intrigue , machination , plot , SCHEME...Just THINK About IT???

The BEST To YOU In Your LIFE , In Your HOME , On Your JOB , And HERE On The INTERNET...ME///GTO@GeorgeTurnerOldskool...LIVE Your LIFE As IF It Were Your Last Day On Earth/IT Very WELL Could!!! LOVE Every ONE In YOUR Life That MEANS SomeTHING Too YOU !!! LAUGH At Those WHO Dont KNOW As MUCH About LIFE And BEing HAPPY Like YOU DO !!!!!!   THIS Is SomeThing "I" Try Too Live By===NEVER "LOVE" Anything That Is "MAN MADE" , IT Is NOT "MENT Tooo OR Will "LAST"For "EVER"...TRY Too "LOVE" Another ""PERSON"" ,YOU Can MAKE That "LOVE" Last YOUR LIFE TIME!!! Be BLESSED !!!

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