Richard Parsons in the UK is using Ian Stewart's 'Build-A-Biz-Online' website to attract followers interested in learning more about Affiliate Marketing and who will potentially become Richard's Clients and/or Customers... he believes worthwhile human relationships will begin with a conversation...

Conversations help people to form opinions about a variety of life's issues and for those not familiar with the Lex Fridman podcast on Youtube, Richard believes listening to people being interviewed by Lex is a worthwhile use of a person's time... (the above Youtube link will open in a new browser window)

Richard's 'Think & Grow Rich' lesson published on 24-May-2023, will reveal how he has been influenced by the writings of Napoleon Hill (1883-1970)... (external links will open in new windows)


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"Perfect is the enemy of good..."
Commonly attributed to Voltaire, the 18thC French philosopher...!

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