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His Story...

"I was a washed up restaurant worker (and dishwasher) desperately searching for a way to save my family when I discovered the internet and affiliate marketing... 

Nearly 3 years later I finally cracked the code and started earning a full-time income online working at home. (It wasn't easy)!

Once you figure it out, it is kind of easy and having a successful online business has allowed me the time and financial freedom to experience many of my dreams in life including taking my wife and kids to live in the South of France for 2 years during my children's high school days...

Now, I leverage my experience and knowledge to help other people start and build successful businesses online through affiliate and internet marketing. My primary vehicles for the services I provide are the Plug-In Profit Site and Plug-in Profit Site Co-op where I offer services to build and host websites, train and coach new affiliate marketers; along with many additional marketing and setup services that generally make my member's lives easier, and businesses grow faster!"


Home Business Tips Titles

The 4 Reasons Why Prospects say NO

10 Shocking Ways To Super-Charge Your Sales

8 Benefits Of Helping An Online Business Newbie

10 High-Impact Viral Marketing Strategies

10 Ways To Improve Your Customer Service

20 Ways To Convert Visitors Into Subscribers

+ Hundreds More...


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